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Personal information

  • Social Security cards and dates of birth (includes spouse, children, and other dependents)
  • Current full address
  • Photo ID
  • Route Number and bank account number in case of direct deposit to your account
  • Income Tax Statements from previous years

Information about your income

  • W-2 forms and other income received during the year
  • Unemployment Received: Form 1099-G
  • Partnership and trust income (Schedule K-1)
  • Pensions and annuities, retirement plan distributions, form 1099-R
  • Social Security Benefits, SSA Form
  • Gambling and lottery winnings, form W-2G
  • Other income, form 1099Misc

Financial information

  • Interest from your bank: Form 1099-INT
  • Dividends from your bank: Form 1099-DN
  • Gain on investment accounts: Form 1099-B


Personal expenses:

  • Mortgage Interest (where you live): Form 1098
  • Selling or owning your home: Form 1099-S
  • Real estate taxes paid (where you live)
  • Student loan interest paid
  • Tax paid on vehicle
  • Donations and charities to churches and non-profit organizations
  • Work expenses (travel expenses, tools, materials, uniforms, courses, transportation, etc.)
  • Payments for the care of your children and dependents


Social security, identification number and address of the institution or person who gave the service:

  • Medical expenses (health insurance, doctors, medicines, hospitals, deductibles and co-pays, etc.)
  • Cost of preparation of your income tax of the previous year
  • University Expenses or other educational institution
  • Sale or rental of properties (see list of allowed deductions)

Other deductions

  • Contributions to retirement accounts (IRA, 401K & other retirement contributions)


Information list for your Income Tax